How to Reduce the Cost of Your Gas Bill


If we think that a job will take up far too much time, or it seems like a lot of hard work for little reward, then the chances are we’ll never get around to doing it. For most people, switching their gas supplier falls into this category. Just the thought of the time and hassle involved means that millions of homeowners stick with the same supplier for years after their initial contract has expired, and as a consequence they are switched to a standard tariff and miss out on the opportunity to potentially save hundreds of pounds off their gas bill.

So just how difficult is the switching process? It’s actually very straightforward and certainly nothing to be worried about. It doesn’t take long – in a short space of time you could dramatically reduce your monthly bill. Let’s consider what’s involved.


The first step is to grab a copy of your latest gas bill to see what you are currently paying. Then, simply open your web browser, search for “compare gas prices” and select one of the many price comparison sites that are available.

Enter the information requested, which will usually be your address and information from your current gas bill. You will then be presented with the latest deals. Check these carefully to determine your best option, and then select that one. You will be asked to enter a little more information, which is often done on the new supplier’s website.

You may get a better deal by switching gas and electricity at the same time, so if you want to take advantage of that then you’ll need your latest electricity bill as well.

One thing that puts many off the idea of switching is the thought of phoning their existing supplier and negotiating with a pushy telesales person to cancel their existing contract. However this will not be an issue, as your new supplier will take care of all of that on your behalf.


Reducing costs is not the only way to save money on gas. The age and efficiency of your boiler and other gas appliances will determine the amount of gas used at your home. If you are not in a service contract, then ask your local Gas Safe Registered engineer to carry out an annual service of your equipment to help prevent expensive breakdowns and to maintain their efficiency.

You may have found that getting hold of a reliable, qualified gas engineer can be difficult, especially during the cold winter months. With new estates springing up on the outskirts of all UK cities, there’s always a need for more engineers. If you’re looking for a career change then this is the ideal time to become a gas engineer. Sign up for a Gas Engineer Course online, and before long you may not need to be paying for your own boiler services!


Don’t forget that heat loss in a central heating system will also drive up your gas bill. Cavity wall insulation, pipe lagging and loft insulation will all help to prevent this. If you’re not sure what’s required then speak to your gas engineer during his next service visit.

Carrying out these suggestions will give you peace of mind and extra cash in your pocket for the more enjoyable things in life.


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