5 Things You Can Do With Your Broken Computer


The worst thing that can happen to any of us is when one of our most used electronics, namely our computers or laptops, breaks down. It can really put us at a standstill. But don’t panic! There are many things you can do when faced with this scenario.

1.    Repair it

First things first, try to fix your computer. Depending on the severity of the damage, you might want to consider taking it to a computer service store to help you figure out what the exact problem may be. Your computer repair solution will be based on whether it is a hardware issue or a software one. For hardware issues, a simple replacement of broken screens, dead batteries, and faulty motherboards will be all you need. With software issues, you can either try re-installing your computer’s operating system to see if this would fix the issue, after backing up all your data, of course.

2.    Use it as a Back-Up

If you were able to repair your computer, you might want to consider investing in a new one and keeping the refurbished one as a backup. Having a backup computer can be useful in many ways. You can use it to test out new operating software, keep it as a gaming station, use it to store your data, or just keeping it around as a spare for when friends and kids come over.  That way, you have all your important work on one computer and a spare for multi-purpose use.

3.    Sell it

Another option to think about, if you were able to repair or not repair the computer, is to sell it. Many stores and individuals have their reasons for purchasing broken computers. They can use it for spare parts, they fix it themselves and then resell it, among other reasons. You can try to sell it online on platforms such as eBay and craigslist or go to any computer stores who also provide repair services. They may be interested in purchasing your computer to either refurbish and sell it or use the spare parts towards fixing other devices.

4.    Use it for Spare Parts

If all hope is lost and you were not able to repair it back to its original function, you can use the working parts separately. Each computer is made of many parts that collectively and individually can be useful. Use the power cable and connector and keep them as spares, take out the hard drive and use it as a backup disk, use the RAM memory sticks for upgrading a different computer, take out the motherboard for later use, or at least use the display monitor as a digital screen.

5.    Sell the Spare Parts

Selling is still one of your options. Instead of selling the broken computer as one piece, you can take it apart and resell the individual component online for money that you can put towards a new computer. You can sell all the parts mentioned above, but keep in mind that the computer CPU and display monitor will get you the most money. You can find buyers online who are looking for the components that with the same specifics of the spare parts that you have such as the battery, power cable, or the motherboard.

We can be overly attached to our electronic devices, especially our computers, as we use them day in day out. But fear not, there are many options when it comes to working with a broken computer. Repairing it will usually be the most practical solution, especially if the damage is not too severe. However, if it is beyond repair, use any of the above options to help you recycle your broken computer and put it to good use.



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