How Bespoke Office Furniture Can Boost Office Productivity


Your office furniture choice is a cornerstone to employee productivity.

Believe it or not, furniture affects the employee experience. It’s why the physical workspace can raise or lower employee engagement and satisfaction.

Some features associated with the physical workspace are:

  • The brand image;
  • The unique personality of the business;
  • Quality of the business service or product offer;
  • A better work environment.

The physical work environment is necessary for the well-being of the workers’ performance. The right environment is a result of the space, office layout and furniture.

Space within the office include areas which are:

  • Collaboration or for breakout meeting;
  • Conferences, boardroom, training or meeting rooms;
  • Social, kitchen or breakroom;
  • Personal workspace;
  • Reception area.

Each of these spaces requires furniture designed to perform a specific task. Store-bought furniture cannot meet that need.

Hence, consider bespoke or custom made furniture.

Ways Bespoke Office Furniture Can Boost Office Productivity

Unique Designed for Your Brand

Brand image is a unique part of the office culture.

Your furniture choice is part of that image. It tells what personality your office adapts. The furniture will stay unique to your office.

You paint the brand colours on the furniture for it to stand out and define the type environment.

For example, warm colours give the impression of an easy-going, relaxed atmosphere. Cool colours are more common in modern, professional environments.

A welcoming environment can increase the performance of the employees.

So, start by creating a smart design with custom furniture that is adaptive to the employee needs.

Create Collaborative Workspace

Collaborative workspaces fulfil the immediate need for meetings and group work among employees.

Workplace collaboration can improve the quality and speed of decisions. Thus enhancing the workflow and thereby boosting productivity.

For collaboration to take place, the design requires flexibility and adaptability. Bespoke office furniture can help in your space and layout.

Ergonomic Furniture to Promote Better Health

Comfortable furniture makes long working hours tolerable. Most office hours run at least 8 hours, others, run longer.

If the furniture is not comfortable, employee productivity drops. Long hours at their desk without the benefit of support causes them pain.

It will result in a deficiency in efficiency and productivity.

But the right ergonomic furniture can will help employees through:

  • Have a good posture, functional joints and the ability to work long hours without injury;
  • Adjustable chairs that are tailor-made to fit the individual needs;
  • The proper displayed height of the Monitor and keyboard for the individual.

Practice Good Organisation

A clutter-free environment contributes to a good workflow. It enables employees to access office space without problems.

A disorganised work environment characterises distractions, a lack of defined workspace and inefficiency. These all add to employee unproductivity.

Office storage helps in good organisation. Storage of documents, equipment and other office supplies ensures a clutter-free office.

However, you need to plan for office storage to make it useful. For your office storage facility to be efficient:

  • Consider the placement of each piece of furniture with regards to your storage. Storage should not stand out;
  • Make sure the design fits the space and dimensions of the room;
  • Have it match the design of the interior decor of the office;

The right storage provides you with a clutter-free, organised environment.


For employees, well-designed office furniture plays a big role to promote good health and well-being in the work environment.

Failure to recognise this aspect of work can lead to a drop in their productivity and inefficiency.

So, investing in bespoke office furniture can help boost your confidence not only in your physical environment but also in the way you work.


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