The trends to buy into when redesigning your home in 2020


If there’s ever a perfect time to redecorate your home, it’s at the beginning of a new decade. Much like fashion, we see home décor trends come and go. Over the last few years, we have seen many muted colours in homes – grey walls and all-white kitchens – but this year, it’s time for change. After all, updating our homes regularly helps them to feel fresh. If you would like to redesign your home this year, here are some of the key trends that you might want to take inspiration from.

Go for blue hues

This year’s Pantone colour of the year is classic blue, so you can expect to see it popping up a lot throughout many homes. When individuals think of the colour blue, they associate the different shades with sophistication and serenity. This colour also perfectly suits all tastes, as blue appeals to both men and women – so get ready to say goodbye to any arguments about what colour to paint the bedroom!

Acting as a neutral colour, there aren’t many colours that don’t go with blue. This means that if you want to add a brushed gold or beautiful oak full-length mirror to your blue hallway, it won’t look out of place at all. Add a pop of colour to your neutral living room with blue accessories such as lamps or a throw blanket, or pair blue and coral together to brighten up a darker space.

Keep it simple

If you’re looking to create a space that you can be comfortable and relaxed in, you should look into the structured simplicity trend. From a rustic kitchen to a small bedroom or dining room, this look can work in any setting. Neutral shades will enable you to create a calm environment that you can unwind in, so strip everything back to basics and create a place for you to rest.

Choose to have fun

Painted the room a soft shade of brown but want one wall of funky bronze wallpaper? Don’t be afraid to do it. Additionally, if you have got your eye on one piece of whacky metallic furniture that really stands out, buy it! Create a statement in your home – think eclectic glamour.

Start 2020 afresh and get redecorating straight away.


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