How to install Schon Quickclic wood flooring


How to install Schon Quickclic wood flooring


Schon brand Quick Clic flooring is made of natural wood, yet it is as easy to install as laminate flooring because it uses the floating floor system. Instead of nailing each piece of flooring to the subfloor, you simply click them together. The floor stays put because you use your baseboards to anchor it at each wall. Before you put down your floor, store it inside for 2 days. That way it can adjust to your home’s humidity level, which can make it expand or contract.

Step One

Use the back of your hammer to pull the baseboards out of the wall. Sweep the subfloor to remove large debris. Roll out the polyethylene foam in sheets until it covers the entire subfloor. Cut it with the utility knife as needed. Tape any seams with duct tape, making sure the edges abut each other but don't overlap. Overlapping could create bumps.

Step Two

Take your measuring tape and determine the length and width of the room. See if the boards will fit evenly lengthwise or if you will need to cut one row. If needed, mark the planks that need to be cut on the underside with a pencil. Use a ruler and pencil to draw a straight line lengthwise and then cut them with a wood saw. Don't cut more than you need. You can always cut more later if you mess up.

Step Three

Put your 1/3-inch spacers up against the wall around the room's perimeter so each plank has some room to expand instead of fitting right against the wall. Pick a wall to start with and begin in one corner. Lay your first row of planks perpendicular to the wall with the grooved sides away from the wall.

Step Four

Lay your second row by pushing the tongue of each new board into the groove of the plank in the previous row. It helps to push it in at a 45 degree angle instead of trying to lay it flat. You will hear a small click when it is attached correctly. If the new plank juts out from the floor, give it a small tap with the hammer.

Step Five

Repeat Step 4 until you get to the last row. Most likely, your flooring will not fit exactly and you will have to cut it. To do so, place the groove end of the plank firmly against spacer. Mark on the underside where it meets the previously laid plank. Measure the distance between the mark and the groove end and remember it. Then mark out this distance on the plank, starting from the tongue side. Draw a line across the plank width-wise at this second mark. Cut it with the wood saw. Repeat as needed and lay the planks.

Step Six

Take out the spacers and put your baseboards back. With the baseboards on the wall, the gap between the wall and the flooring will not show.


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