How to remove nicotine strains from walls and ceilings


How to remove nicotine strains from walls and ceilings


Nicotine stains can be some of the hardest to clean from any surface. If you or a loved one smokes in your home, you will find yellowing stains all over your walls and ceiling. If you’re not looking to repaint your entire room—or even if you are, and you don’t want the stains to show through the paint—removing those stains may be the only option to safeguard the beauty of your home.

Step One

Trisodium Phosphate -Purchase a cleaner container trisodium phosphate (TSP) from a hardware or cleaning specialty store. TSP is an extremely powerful cleaner used in professional machine cleaning.

Step Two

Wear protective rubber gloves whenever working with industrial-grade chemical cleaners.

Step Three

Mix one part TSP cleaner into five parts water in a bucket or bowl. If the stains are really stubborn you can add two parts TSP to the five parts water.

Step Four

Soak a rag or sponge in the solution and scrub at the stain. Repeat until stain is removed.

Step Five

Household Cleaners -Wear protective gloves whenever working with ammonia or other chemical cleaners in your home.

Step Six

Open windows and doors to allow proper ventilation; ammonia can produce strong fumes that can be harmful if inhaled for too long.

Step Seven

Pour ammonia into a bowl or bucket. Soak a rag or sponge and scrub at the stains on the wall or ceiling. Repeat until stains are removed.

Step Eight

Mix equal parts ammonia and vinegar into a bowl or bucket. Add 2 to 3 teaspoons of dish detergent. Soak a rag or sponge in the mixture and scrub until stains are removed.


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