How to build a carport roof


How to build a carport roof


If you have an open carport and want to protect your vehicles, it’s not that hard to build a roof for your carport.

Step One

Things You'll Need - Gloves Safety glasses 10-foot stepladder 4-foot level Tape measure 2 treated posts (6 inches by 6 inches by 12 feet) 2 treated posts (6 inches by 6 inches by 10 feet) 4 treated boards (2 inches by 12 inches by 16 feet) 32 hot galvanized wood screws (3 inches) Drill with Phillips bit Box of 1-inch self-tapping screws 48 feet of weatherstripping 4 pieces of corrugated aluminum siding (4 feet by 16 feet) 12 bags concrete mix Water supply Round-point shovel.

Step Two

Measure and mark off the four corners at 16 feet apart. Use the shovel and dig out these footer holes 3 feet deep.

Step Three

Pour 1 bag of concrete into each hole and add the recommended amount of water. Let it set up for 24 hours.

Step Four

Lay out the two long posts at the front footer holes and connect them with one of the 16-foot boards, using 3-inch screws. Place three through the end of the board and into the post, and repeat this at the other end.

Step Five

Lay out the two shorter posts at the footers on the back side. Connect them with a board using the 3-inch screws.

Step Six

Raise both sets of posts up into their footers and connect the side boards using the 3-inch screws. Use the level for this step to be sure to get all four posts plumb.

Step Seven

Align one of the pieces of aluminum siding from front to back on the top of the frame. Secure the roof to the frame using the drill, Philips bit and self-tapping screws. Run a screw into the frame every 4 inches.

Step Eight

Run a piece of weatherstripping to the raised edge on the inside edge of the siding. Lay another piece of siding overlapping the first. Secure the new piece of siding to the first piece and the frame with the 1-inch screws, running them at 4-inch intervals. Repeat this process with the remaining siding pieces.

Step Nine

Pour two bags of concrete into each footer hole to secure the posts into the ground. Add the recommended amount of water to each. Let it set up for 24 hours.

Step Ten

Fill in the holes with dirt.


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