How to stop squeaking bed frames


Squeaky bed frames can interfere with your sleep and become quite irritating. Sometimes, people think they need to buy a whole new bed just because the bed frame is squeaking. This is not always the case. For a bed that is still in good condition, it is very possible to fix a squeaking bed frame without having to spend the money on a new bed.

Step One

Take the mattress and box spring off the bed. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the nuts and bolts from the frame of the bed.

Step Two

Wrap the nuts and bolts with sealant tape. Then place a plastic washer between the existing washer and the bed frame. This will help to tighten the bolts.

Step Three

Replace the mattress and box spring and test the bed for squeaking.

Step Four

If the bed is still squeaking, take the entire bed frame apart.

Step Five

Place a piece of cloth in the spots where the bed frame connects into the wood or metal. Do this at the foot and head of the bed.

Step Six

Spray the screws with oil, such as WD40. This will lubricate the screws to help prevent them from squeaking.

Step Seven

Fill the grooves of the screws by running them across a bar of soap. Screw them back into the frame. This method works best for wooden bed frames.

Step Eight

Tighten up all the screws on the bed frame, including the side rails. If the screws are all secured tightly, this will lessen the chance of the bed frame squeaking.


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