How to heal and prevent blisters


How to heal and prevent blisters


Blisters have a number of causes, such as tight or ill fitting shoes, burns and allergies. Not only do blisters hurt for days, they can become easily infected and leave scars. Luckily, there are a number of simple items right in your own home which can help to both prevent and heal those nasty blisters.

Step One

Sprinkle and rub a generous amount of corn starch onto your feet before putting on your shoes or socks to help reduce moisture and rubbing to prevent blisters. This technique is especially helpful when breaking in a new pair of shoes.

Step Two

Apply a wet tea bag to areas where blisters are forming to help prevent them from actually bubbling up. Tea is acidic and helps to toughen the skin where rubbing occurs. Apply the tea bag at least twice a day.

Step Three

Cut a thin panty liner into the shape of a donut and then place the adhesive side onto your skin so that the hole surrounds areas where there already are blisters or where they might form. This trick will both prevent blisters from forming and speed healing once a blister is already present.

Step Four

Rub aloe vera onto blisters to help soothe pain and promote healing. The best aloe vera to use on blisters is that which can be squeezed directly from a fresh leaf. Apply aloe vera as often as needed and for as long as needed.

Step Five

Soak a cotton ball in mouthwash and gently rub it onto a blister which has broken. The ingredients in mouthwash help to disinfect the area and promote healing. Apply twice daily.

Step Six

Use hemorrhoid cream on blisters to help reduce swelling and prevent bursting of the bubble. Use a light application of the cream twice a day.


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