How to grow a Cherry Tree from stones


How to grow a Cherry Tree from stones


Cherry’s contain a single seed that is sometimes called a pit or a stone. Cherry trees can easily be grown from these hard stones if they are handled properly. When setting out to grow cherry trees, obtain two different types of fresh cherries from a local orchard, if possible. Cherry trees will need a cross pollinator to enable it to produce fruit. If cherries are not available from a local orchard, check at your local farmer’s market or simply obtain the cherries from your local grocer.

Step One

Remove the stones from the cherries.

Step Two

Soak the stones in a container of warm water for two to three hours.

Step Three

Remove the stones from the water and spread them out in a single layer on newspaper. Allow the stones to completely air dry.

Step Four

Place the cherry stones into a storage container or freezer bag. Put the bag into the refrigerator for 8 to 10 weeks.

Step Five

Remove the stones from the refrigerator and storage container.

Step Six

Place two to three stones into a single planting pot that contains a mixture of potting soil and compost, or peat moss and potting soil. Plant the stones at twice the depth of the stone size. The number of pots you will need will be determined by the number of stones you have to plant.

Step Seven

Place the pots in a sunny location.

Step Eight

Water the pots lightly to moisten the soil. Continue to keep the soil moist, but not wet.

Step Nine

Wait for the seedlings to reach 2 to 3 inches in height. Pull the weakest or smallest seedlings from the pots and discard.

Step Ten

Transplant the seedlings outdoors when all threats of frost have passed in your area. Choose a site that is in full sun and that has well-draining soil. The seedlings should be spaced 20 feet apart.


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