How to setup Outlook Express on an iMac


How to setup Outlook Express on an iMac


Outlook Express is a popular email client developed by Microsoft. It is a light version of the full Microsoft Outlook package included in Microsoft Office. Outlook Express loads quickly and is easy to configure with almost any email setup and offers efficient email management features for users of POP and IMAP email. The program is available for Mac users and can provide a viable alternative to the Apple Mail program. Installing and setting up Outlook Express on an iMac is nearly identical to setting up the program on Windows and takes just a few minutes.

Step One

Download and install Outlook Express for Mac.

Step Two

Launch Outlook Express.

Step Three

Select "Tools," "Accounts."

Step Four

Select the "Mail" tab and click "New."

Step Five

Enter an account name and click "Configure account manually."

Step Six

Select the email type (POP or IMAP) and then click "OK."

Step Seven

Enter your account credentials and then click "OK."

Step Eight

Configure additional advanced settings in accordance with your email account recommended settings and then click OK. Your email account should now be setup with Outlook Express for Mac.


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