How to replace bicycle brake blocks


How to replace bicycle brake blocks


Replace worn out brake blocks on a bicycle at Bikefix in London. Stuart Dennison will show you in this video the basics in replacing brake blocks.

Step One

YOU WILL NEED -A phillips head screwdriver, A set of allen keys, A new set of brake blocks.

Step Two

WHEN TO REPLACE -If your brake blocks are worn down you will need to replace them. Never let brake blocks wear down so the metal scrapes the rims.

Step Three

REMOVING BRAKE PADS -Check the brake adjuster and make sure it is screwed all the way in.Unhook the brake lever, check that the hole is not enlarged or damaged..Undo the brake blocks with an allen key. Discard these washers as replacements are supplied with the new brake blocks

Step Four

FIT NEW BRAKE PAD -Remembering the order the washers were originally in put the new brake pad in place, thread the brake block bolt through its securing slot so that it roughly matches the curve of the wheel rimSlide the remaining washers in place, ensuring they are arranged as before.Lightly screw on the securing nut, no more than pinch tight

Step Five

CLEAN WHEEL RIM -Before fully securing the brake block clean the wheel rims using a clean rag. This will ensure maximum brake efficiency.

Step Six

RECONNECT BRAKE LEVER -Hook the brake lever back into its original securing slot. The brake arms should now be approximately vertical.

Step Seven

ALIGN & SECURE -With the brake blocks roughly following the curve of the rim pull the brake lever tight. Loosen the bolt & adjust the brake block so that it's as flat as possible and perfectly centred on the wheel rim. Continue holding the brake lever tightly & tighten up the bolt.

Step Eight

CHECK -Test the brakes are firm. If not tighten up the cable using the brake adjuster. Tuck the excess cable into place around the wheel fork and finally spin to check the wheels revolve smoothly without rubbing the brake block.


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