Which are the 2014 F1 teams?


Which are the 2014 F1 teams?


These F1 teams and drivers have been confirmed for 2014.

Where a driver had not been confirmed the occupant of the seat for 2013 is listed and marked TBC. Where a team have previously announced a driver has a contract with them for the year this is marked “has contract”. However it is not unusual for contracts to be subject to clauses which can permit them to be broken.

In a change for 2014, each driver will choose which numbers they will use. Those numbers are listed where they have been confirmed.

Step One

Red Bull (Renault) Sebastian Vettel Age 26 Car Number : 1 Four time champion but will be a miracle if he can make it five with a car that can’t do 25 laps in a row yet. Best championship finish: Champion (2010-13)

Step Two

Daniel Ricciardo Age : 24 Car Number: 3 New signing rated for his speed and the biggest smile in F1. Best championship finish: 14th (2013)

Step Three

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton Age: 29 Car Number: 44 Unbelievable speed. Championship favourite even if he denies it. Best championship finish: Champion (2007)

Step Four

Nico Rosberg Age : 28 Car Number : 6 Championship contender. Lacks Hamilton’s ultimate speed but not to be under-estimated Best championship finish: 6th (2013)

Step Five

Ferrari Fernando Alonso Age : 32 Car Number : 14 Ruthless, brilliant. Most complete driver on the grid. But drives a Ferrari. Best championship finish: Champion (2005/6)

Step Six

Kimi Raikkonen Age : 34 Car Number : 7 Flying Finn back at Ferrari. What could go wrong? Lots. Best championship finish: Champion (2007)

Step Seven

Lotus (Renault) Roman Grosjean Age : 27 Car Number : 8 Once dubbed “the first lap nutcase”. Fast and promising. Unlike his twin tusk car. Best championship finish: Seventh (2013)

Step Eight

Pastor Maldonado Age : 28 Car Number : 13 Crashes more often than a Samsung computer. But brings £35m in sponsorship. Luckily. Best championship finish: 15th (2012)

Step Nine

McLaren (Mercedes) Jenson Button Age : 34 Car Number : 22 Ace tactician struggling to overcome death of popular father John in January Best championship finish: Champion 2009.

Step Ten

Force India (Mercedes) Nico Hulkenberg Age : 27 Car Number : 26 Rated one of the coming men of F1 - now in his prime. Decent car and engine too. Best championship finish: 10th (2013)


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