How to join a car racing team


How to join a car racing team


A successful race team requires many people with a variety of skills. The new member of a team usually ends up with less glamorous duties, such as running errands, cleaning tools or physical labor. Positions for an inexperienced member are rarely paid a salary but, will often have expenses reimbursed. Over time the team will gain confidence in your abilities and assign more important tasks to carry out. Teams are often glad to have a trustworthy individual willing to help regardless of the task. Every job on a team will help prepare you to join more advanced teams in the future that may provide a full time job.

Step One

Identify a racing series that with teams you would be interested in joining.

Step Two

Find the Internet site for the racing series and any additional websites that may have forums for competitors.

Step Three

Post to the racing forums for the series a note indicating your interest in joining a team. Include your abilities such as mechanical, electrical or logistics. Indicate your location and what tracks you would be willing to travel to with the team. Leave an email address or phone number at which you can be contacted.

Step Four

When a team contacts you, they will most probably ask you to come to their location to help prepare for the next race. This is the time to demonstrate a willingness to help and what an asset to the team you would be.

Step Five

Attend a race track in your area if you are not contacted by a team.

Step Six

Post business cards that state your desire to join a team with your contact information. Areas around restrooms, timing and technical inspection will have bulletin boards for posting cards and fliers.

Step Seven

Make contact with as many participants as possible to hand out business cards. Ask if they might need help during the event as often a team will show up short a crew member and greatly appreciate a helping hand.


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