When to plant Iris


When to plant Iris


Iris is an easy-to-grow perennial. Flowers grow on slender stems with green dagger leaves. Iris bloom in rainbow colors from white or yellow to maroon and purple. Over 200 varieties ranging from 4 inches to 5 feet tall reward gardeners with years of blooms.

Step One

Sunshine - Plant iris in a sunny area. Six or more sunny hours a day is ideal.

Step Two

Drainage - Plant in well-drained soil to prevent bulb or root rot. Iris will tolerate a wide range of soil such as sand, clay or loam that has no standing water.

Step Three

Bulb - Plant new iris when they are dormant or not growing. Best planting seasons are summer and autumn for spring-blooming flowers.

Step Four

Divison - Divide overgrown iris beds into smaller clumps or individual iris in spring before leaves and flowers mature. Plant the divisions immediately for summer growth.

Step Five

Sprouts - When a friend gives you sprouting iris bulbs or tubers, plant them immediately, no matter the season. They are growing and need soil.

Step Six

Care - Most iris plants are low maintenance. Watch for signs of slugs or pests. Divide crowded iris beds to spread the colorful blooms.


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