How to fit outside porch lights


How to fit outside porch lights


Porch lights are a nice addition to any home. They enhance the beauty of the home as well as add the benefit of extra security. Installing porch lights where there never have been any requires some knowledge of working with electricity. You will first need to find where the junction box is for the porch lights. Once you have located the junction box it is just a matter of wiring a new box and installing the porch light.

Step One

Mark the area where you want to install the porch light. It is a good idea to locate the light as close to the old junction box as possible. This will reduce the amount of wire you need to run.

Step Two

Disconnect the power to the old junction box by turning off the circuit breaker. It is a good idea to shut off the main power if you are unsure of which breaker operates the junction box.

Step Three

Attach the new junction box at the location you marked for the light fixture. If installing in wood you can use 3/4-inch wood screws. If the installation is on brick you will need to use expansion anchors with screws. When using expansion anchors, drill holes to the size of the anchor into the wall using a drill. Then gently tap the anchor in with the handle of a screwdriver.

Step Four

Measure the distance between the old junction box and the new one using a tape measure. Cut a piece of UF electrical cable to your measurement, plus six inches. This will give you plenty of wire.

Step Five

Insert the cable into each of the junction boxes. Strip about 1/2-inch of insulation from the cable at the old junction box using wire strippers. Connect the wires to the junction box by connecting the ground wire first, then white, and then black. Connect them to the old junction box wires using plastic wire nuts.

Step Six

Attach the porch light mounting plate to the new junction box using the attaching screws provided in the kit.

Step Seven

Pull the wires through the mounting plate and connect them to the light fixture using plastic wire nuts. Push the wires back into the junction box while lining up the fixture on the mounting plate.

Step Eight

Secure the fixture to the mounting plate with the provided hardware. Install a light bulb and attach the decorative light cover according to the manufacturer's instructions. Turn the power on and test your light.


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