How do I build a Georgian architecture house model?


How do I build a Georgian architecture house model?


Georgian architecture was used primarily in the 18th century in both Europe and the United States. It is identified by its symmetry, gabled roofs and square windows. Homes built in the Georgian style typically have a four-over-four floor plan with two rooms in front of each other and are two stories tall. They feature pilasters and a decorative overhang for the front door.

Step One

Make the Body of the House - Remove the lids from each shoebox. Choose one long side of each shoebox to be the front of the house. Lay the first shoebox so this "front" side is horizontal and facing up with the open end facing toward you. Lay the ruler across the front of the house and divide it into five equal sections. For example, if the shoebox is 10 inches long, divide it into five sections each 2 inches wide. Mark each section with a vertical line drawn with the pencil. Repeat on the second shoebox.

Step Two

Draw a window onto the center of the two sections on the right and the two sections on the left. The windows should be centered from top to bottom and from left to right within these sections. Repeat this process for the second shoebox. Draw a door in the center section of the box that will be the ground floor. The bottom side should be flush with the bottom of the shoebox. Cut out the windows with a utility knife. Cut out the top and right side of the door.

Step Three

Paint the outside of each shoebox the same color. These will form the "walls" of the house. Set aside to dry overnight. Paint details such as shutters, door decorations or molding as desired and set the boxes aside to dry.

Step Four

Cut squares of clear acetate slightly larger than each window. Tape to the inside of the box so each window has "glass."

Step Five

Make the Pilasters - Measure the height of the door on the shoebox. Cut two strips of white paper to this height. The paper strips should be long enough to roll into a tight circle to form a column. Roll each paper strip into a column and tape the end to secure the roll.

Step Six

Measure the width of the door. Cut the first Popsicle stick to this length. Lay this length of stick on a cardboard sheet. Use the ruler to draw a triangle with the Popsicle being the bottom edge of the triangle. Cut out the triangle. Lay the Popsicle stick with the wide edge flat on the cardboard sheet. Trace the Popsicle stick twice. Cut out these strips of cardboard. Cut these strips of cardboard as needed so they are the same length as the two sides of the triangle. Set the cardboard strips vertically on the sides of the triangle and tape in place. Set the Popsicle stick vertically along the bottom of the triangle and tape in place, making sure all sides meet. Glue in place. Set aside to dry overnight. Glue the triangle in place above the door. Set aside to dry. Paint as desired once glue is dry.

Step Seven

Make the Roof - Lay the first shoebox with the open side facing the table on a cardboard sheet. Trace the outside of the shoebox with a pencil. Remove the shoebox. Add ½ inch to the left side of the rectangle and ½ inch to the top side of the rectangle. Cut out the rectangle and flip it over.

Step Eight

Measure ½ inch in from the left side at the top and bottom of the rectangle and draw a vertical line. Repeat this measurement on the right side of the rectangle. Measure ½ inch in from the top of the rectangle and draw a horizontal line. Repeat this measurement from the bottom of the rectangle and draw a second horizontal line. The rectangle should now have a small square in each corner where the lines cross.

Step Nine

Cut diagonally from the corner of the rectangle to the corner of the small square. Repeat for each corner of the rectangle. Gently bend the flaps created downward at the lines drawn on the center rectangle. Tape the corners together to create the angled roof.

Step Ten

Place the ground floor shoebox on the plywood base. Glue in place. Set the second floor shoebox on top of the ground floor and glue in place. Set the roof on top and glue in place. Stack 3 square Lego bricks and glue in the center of the roof. This is the chimney. Set the white columns on each side of the door so they support the triangle previously attached. Allow all glue to dry overnight. Paint additional details as desired.


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