Scalextric – How to design a great track


Scalextric – How to design a great track


There are a few things you need to have in mind before starting to design and build your track.

Step One

There are a few things you need to have in mind before starting to design and build your track. - 1. The space you have available. 2. The amount and pieces of track you have. 3. How much money you want to spend. (It is easy to spend a fortune on slot car track) 4. The type of cars (a rally car is ideal for lots of corners but an F1 car needs long fast straights to reach top speed) and how fast their motors are.

Step Two

Most beginner sets come with a simple figure of eight or an oval circuit. Scalextric have a range of track extension packs to make these circuits more exciting, but I find that there is more fun in designing and building a circuit yourself and then redesigning it over and over again. Here are some simple track layouts suitable for all scales and makes.

Step Three

Designing a track is simple if you have a Windows computer as you can download the Free Scalextric Track Designer. This 3D application allows you to design a Scalextric track using all analogue and digital track pieces available. When you are finished designing you can print it out, or send the deign directly to the online shop to buy the necessary pieces. Unfortunately in my case I use a Mac and the software is only compatible with Windows. I find that using a wipe-board to design your track is better than pen and paper.

Step Four

The circuits I have made have all been digital so they have been made even better by lane changing pieces and pit lanes.F1 track - This circuit is ideal for single seaters and F1 cars as it has long fast straights and a variety of corners. You can make it smaller to fit your space buy reducing the number of straights.

Step Five

Small Track Layout - This circuit is perfect if you are new to Scalextric Digital as it includes a range of digital track pieces like the pit lane. It is suited to both endurance and rally cars.

Step Six

Large Circuit - This circuit needs a lot of space. It is ideal for every type of car and is perfect for digital racing when there is more than 4 cars.


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