How to Repair Bicycle Shocks


Bike suspension needs maintening just like a car. Changing tires, checking brakes, and even the occasional repainting. An even more vital repair for those riding on rougher terrain like mountain trails is shock and fork repair or replacement. Your suspension system is what will help you take those drops and bumps on rocky roads without pitching over the front end of the bike, so maintaining it is necessary.

Determine what type of shocks you will need. Depending on your bike's suspension you may only need certain parts. If you have a forks system you may have to replace the forks completely.

Find an open work area and spread out your drop cloth and holding containers. Stabilize your bike.

Remove the front wheel and brake connectors and anything else that connect it to the bike. Be sure to set aside screws and caps into holding containers to keep them organized for front wheel assembly.

Carefully remove the shocks by unscrewing the necessary leads and connections. Inspect the pieces for any damage.

Move aside and inspect the old pieces. This will help determine how the wear on your bike is affecting the shocks. Depending on the type of wear you see, you'll be able to find out if you need to completely replace the pieces or if they can be repaired.

Clean the connectors of any oil and grease that may get in the way when refitting the new shocks and cause damage to them.

Set the new shocks in place for the front wheel and hand-tighten the connectors. Repeat the process for the rear wheel and shocks.

Once shocks are in place begin firmly adjusting the tightness of the shocks to your comfort level. Do not tighten them too much. Adjust the shocks for height and weight and be sure to clean and lube your bike chain and other necessary parts including the suspension.


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