How to mix cement


Want to mix cement but not sure how to do it? this clip shows you how using sand, cement and water, I dont use pre-mixed material and just add water this is how it should be done, In the video I will be using a four to one measurments or in other words four shovels of sand to one shovel of cement powder 100kgs sand 25kgs cement powder, each job that requires cement needs diferent meaurments for my job here it is used to render a wall in this garden but if you are using the material for brick laying you would have a 3 to 1 mix, I should say that you should never mix on a road as you will be in trouble from the municipality as it will stain the tarmac but here every one does it and cleans up after,
If it is your first time doing this job you might need some help taking turns as mixing on your own even a small amount like this will hurt your back by the evening so take turns and take your time.


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