How to propagate Hawthorn


How to propagate Hawthorn


Hawthorn trees are a commonly grown garden and landscaping plant. Their low, broad branches make them an ideal plant for creating a hedge, and the trees are hardy and require little extra care from gardeners. Growing a hawthorn tree from a cutting is an easy way to ensure that the tree is healthy from the time it is planted. Caring for hawthorn trees from their initial years of life throughout their years of growth requires patience, but the resulting tree will be healthy and strong.

Step One

Plant a hawthorn cutting in the early spring, when the plant would begin growing naturally. This will allow the plant to grow under controlled conditions for a full year before moving it outdoors. A cutting that is grown indoors will be stronger and more likely to survive when transplanted outside.

Step Two

Fill a planter with several inches of potting soil. This will be the place where the hawthorn tree will grow for a full year. Use a planter that is large enough to accommodate a growing tree.

Step Three

Choose a hawthorn cutting that is 4 to 6 inches long and has no visible signs of disease, such as yellowed leaves or bent or broken parts.

Step Four

Moisten one end of the hawthorn cutting with water and dip it in a root hormone powder. Use the cut end of the cutting for this process; the root hormones will encourage the plant to begin putting down roots in the soil.

Step Five

Make a small hole in the planter with the end of a pencil or your finger. Insert the cutting into the hole so that at least 1 inch of the cutting is covered by the soil. Pack the soil around the hawthorn cutting and water the plant immediately to begin the growing process and enable the soil to hold the plant more firmly.

Step Six

Place the hawthorn tree where it will receive partial sunlight throughout the day. Direct sunlight can damage the tree and scorch it, or prevent it from putting out leaves.

Step Seven

Keep the hawthorn cutting in a warm area of the house where it will not be exposed to low temperatures, which can kill the cutting.

Step Eight

Water the hawthorn regularly so that the soil stays moist. Do not water the cutting too much, as this can drown the young tree.

Step Nine

Keep the hawthorn tree inside for a full year before transplanting it outside. Dig a hole that is deep enough to hold the roots of the tree. Place the tree in the hole and cover the roots with soil. Water the tree immediately.


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