How to grow Indian Hawthorn


How to grow Indian Hawthorn


Indian Hawthorn is a hardy, evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves. Resistant to summer wilt, it’s great in warm climates alone or in a hedge-forming row. Small flowers in the spring and blue-black berry clusters in the fall add to its beauty. After a frost, the leaves turn orange or red and remain on the shrub until new growth begins in the spring.

Step One

Cultivate the planting area by loosening the ground with a spade and amending with a rich compost. Indian Hawthorn prefers well-drained acid to alkaline soil in sun to partial shade. For the most successful flowering, place in full sun.

Step Two

Plant nursery bought shrubs at a distance to accommodate their size. A mature plant can grow as high and wide as 5 feet. Plant close together to form a hedge. Plant farther apart for a beautiful mounding effect.

Step Three

Mulch around the shrubs to retain moisture and water regularly. This plant can tolerate mild drought conditions and does not like excessive watering.

Step Four

Fertilize with an all-purpose fertilizer in the spring before new growth appears.

Step Five

Prune annually, if you want, but this usually is necessary only when you want to form a hedge.

Step Six

Propagate Indian Hawthorn with wood cuttings. Start seeds indoors in late winter or sew directly into the ground after the last frost.


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