How to use Long Nose Pliers


How to use Long Nose Pliers


Use long-nose pliers for a multitude of tasks to make jobs easier. Long-nose pliers, also sometimes called chain-nose pliers, snipe-nose pliers, linemans or needle-nose pliers, are pliers with long, thin noses. The nose on pliers is the two-part mechanism that meets together to grip when the jaws of the pliers are closed.

Step One

Find the right long-nose pliers. Long-nose pliers come in different sizes and shapes. Buy quality long-nose pliers that fit your hand and that are suited to the work you'll be doing. The grip varies, as does the length for pliers. Long-nose pliers are commonly 5, 6 or 8 inches long. Decide if rubber-coated handles and serrated teeth are needed for the type of job you'll be working on.

Step Two

Open pliers carefully. Use caution when opening long-nose pliers. It's possible to open the pliers too far and get the jaws out of alignment.

Step Three

Get into small areas with long-nose pliers. These pliers can be thought of as an extension of your hand. The long nose offers an extended reach and allows work in tight spots that your fingers or hands can't reach. Use the tip of the nose to grip items.

Step Four

Bend or shape wire with long-nose pliers. Wire can be bent with long-nose pliers by placing the wire inside the teeth and grasping the wire with your other hand. The pliers act as a vise to hold the wire in one spot while you bend the wire with the other hand. Use the tip of the pliers to shape wire into intricate bends.

Step Five

Cut wire with long-nose pliers. Most long-nose pliers come with a cutter that is located under the nose and above the handle. Place wire inside the cutter and close the pliers tightly to sever the wire.

Step Six

Strip protective coating from electrical wire by placing the coated wire inside the teeth. Close the pliers until you feel jaws bite the plastic coating then pull the wire through the pliers. This will strip the coating from the wire.


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