How to use Safety Goggles


Safety goggles serve as protection from debris and hazardous materials. These goggles make certain your home-improvement projects, crafts activities and science experiments cause no damage to your eyes. They work well because they completely surround your eyes. Using safety goggles correctly can help preserve your eyesight. Be sure to choose adjustable goggles that cover the eye socket.

Step One

Clean the safety goggles before wearing them for the first time, using a clean, dry cloth, such as an eyeglass cleaning cloth. Clean any debris from the packaging and any smudges that could interfere with visibility.

Step Two

Slide the goggles over your head. Sit the arched portion between the goggle lenses on the bridge of your nose. Be sure that the rubber strap stretches across the back of your head.

Step Three

Adjust the fit of the goggles by tightening the adjustable straps on each side. Tighten or loosen the side straps until the goggles seal against your face.

Step Four

Keep the goggles securely in place for the duration of your project, including cleanup.


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