How to replace a Circular Saw Cord


How to replace a Circular Saw Cord


A circular saw is designed for cutting timber and plywood up to 3 inches thick. While there are many sizes of circular saws, the most commonly used models for carpentry have a 7 1/4-inch blade and are AC-powered. You can adjust a circular saw to cut at various depths and can be tilted up to 45 degrees for beveled cuts. If the power cord becomes damaged, replace a circular saw cord with a new one using only a pair of screwdrivers.

Step One

Unplug the circular saw's power cord from the electrical outlet.

Step Two

Turn the saw on its side, and remove the screws in the side of the rear handle that cover the saw's trigger. Separate the handle assembly to expose the wires inside the handle.

Step Three

Locate the two screws on the trigger where the main power cord connects to the trigger switch. Loosen these two screws, and remove the power cord from the trigger switch. Be sure to take note of what color wire is on which side of the switch.

Step Four

Lift the power cord and the strain relief (the rubber grommet that holds the cord in the handle assembly) out of the saw. Slide the old cord out of the strain relief.

Step Five

Insert the end of the new power cord into the strain relief, and place the cord and strain relief back in the handle assembly.

Step Six

Connect the two on the switch, with the colored wires in the same positions as the old cord you removed in Step 3. If there are screw terminals present to attach the wires, be sure to wrap the wires around the screws clockwise before tightening. Tighten the screws to secure the cord on the trigger.

Step Seven

Replace the removed section of the handle assembly, and secure it with the screws.

Step Eight

Plug the power cord into an operational GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor) electrical outlet and test the saw.


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