How to choose the correct bandsaw blades


How to choose the correct bandsaw blades


With the vast number of options available in your average DIY / hardware store, you may find the task of choosing a new bandsaw blade daunting. Using the wrong blade for a particular bandsaw or material may lead to injury from the blade snapping under tension or other malfunction. By taking the time to learn a little about the criteria to use when shopping for a new bandsaw blade, you will be able to avoid woodworking disasters.

Step One

Determine the type of bandsaw. Check to see if the tabletop saw sports two or three wheels. Use a special, flexible "three wheeler" blade for these saws.

Step Two

Select a carbide or carbon steel blade for wood-cutting saws. Purchase a bi-metal or carbon steel blade for a metal-cutting saw.

Step Three

Consider the types of cuts you will need to make. Select a blade width based on the sizes of any circles you may need to cut.

Step Four

Determine the amount of teeth per blade required, based on the material to be cut and the cutting speed desired.

Step Five

Use a blade with fewer teeth for a fast cut on wood, or use a blade with more teeth for a slower, smoother cut.

Step Six

Select blade-tooth patterns for metal cutting based on the thickness of the material. Use more teeth for a thicker slab of metal, and less for a thin one.


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