How to convert a Wood Band Saw to a Meat Band Saw


How to convert a Wood Band Saw to a Meat Band Saw


A band saw is used both in woodworking and butchering because it is a powerful cutting tool. A band saw consists of a long, continuous blade that wraps around two wheels. The main difference between a wood band saw and a meat band saw is the blade. There are many types of band saw blades; some are better for cutting wood and others are better for cutting meat. If you are looking to convert a wood band saw to a meat band saw, then the easiest way is to replace the blade.

Step One

Power off the band saw and unplug it from the socket for safety reasons.

Step Two

Remove the band saw cover to access the wheels and blade of the band saw. Most band saws have knobs holding up the covers; others have screws. Completely remove the knobs or screws to remove the cover.

Step Three

Turn the tension knob on your band saw to release the tension of the blade. Release the tension until the blade moves freely on the wheels.

Step Four

Remove the woodcutting blade from the band saw. Wear work gloves to avoid cutting your fingers while you handle the blade.

Step Five

Attach the meat-cutting blade to the band saw in the same manner in which the woodcutting blade was attached. A meat-cutting blade is usually called a butcher blade and is available anywhere where band saw blades are sold. Handle the blade carefully to avoid injury.

Step Six

Tighten the tension on the blade until the tension knob is fully tightened. Move the blade slightly to test the tension on the blade. If the blade moves freely, then you’ll need to tighten the tension further.

Step Seven

Replace the band saw cover and tighten the knobs or screws that hold the cover in place.

Step Eight

Plug your band saw back into the socket, and you’ll be set to cut meat with your newly converted meat band saw.


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  1. This is something very new for me. I have never tried or even heard before reading this blog. I got one wood saw from Calderbrook and I now, I can try it for the meat cutting also. Oh! I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog and read these easy steps to convert my wood saw into a meat cutting saw. Thanks for sharing this piece of information with us. I liked it a lot.

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