Tools used to cut Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is a favorite choice in homes today and is commonly touted as a do-it-yourself project. Because laminate flooring is susceptible to chipping during the installation process, the proper cutting tools are necessary when you prepare to install laminate. Keeping the correct tools on hand will limit chipping to a minimum, allowing for a faster installation with the least amount of product waste.

Step One

Circular Saw - A circular saw is used to make straight cuts on laminate flooring planks. Use the proper blade as recommended by the manufacturer's installation guide and to change the blade if it becomes too worn and begins to drag.

Step Two

Jigsaw - A jigsaw is used to make odd cuts, such as circles, semicircles and other unusual shapes encountered when turning corners and entering an adjacent room. Use a laminate blade in the jigsaw, and change the blade when it begins to dull or the blade will snap during a cut.

Step Three

Miter Saw - When installing laminate along a diagonal, such as in a bay window area, a miter saw is used to maintain the required angle. Either a hand or a power miter saw may be used; if using a hand saw a miter box is required to set the angle. When using a power miter saw, set the angle on the saw and cut the plank using a chopping motion rather than a back-and-forth sawing motion, resulting in a cleaner, faster cut.


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