How to stop white fly on Chrysanthemums


How to stop white fly on Chrysanthemums


Whiteflies are minute insects with piercing and sucking mouth parts that suck plant juices. They hide in huge numbers on the undersides of leaves, flying out in great clouds when disturbed. They’re common on citrus, greenhouse and foliage plants.

Step One

Look at the undersides of leaves on plants suspected of having a whitefly infestation. Plants will appear weak, and black sooty mold fungus may be evident on stems and leaves. Whiteflies also swarm above plants in huge masses on sunny days.

Step Two

Wash all parts of infested plants, including the undersides of the leaves, with a strong jet of fresh water.

Step Three

Hang sticky traps near infested plants. Sticky traps are yellow in color to attract the insect, and coated with a sticky substance to trap and catch them when they land to investigate. You can make your own sticky traps with Tanglefoot pest barrier spread on yellow paper. Hang the homemade traps near infested plants using bent paper clips.

Step Four

Vacuum adult whiteflies from leaves on plants with mild infestations. This method also works well for indoor plants infested with whitefly.

Step Five

Release parasitic wasps (Encarsia formosa) to control whiteflies in a greenhouse.

Step Six

Spray insecticidal soap when whiteflies are resting - early morning or late afternoon is best.

Step Seven

Spray with pyrethrin. Pyrethrin is an organic pesticide made from chrysanthemums. There are also chemical controls for whiteflies.


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