How to grow the best Fuchsias


How to grow the best Fuchsias


More than 7,000 varieties of fuchsia flowers can be found today, growing in a wide array of colours. Fuchsias generally bloom between June and the first fall frost. During summer months, fuchsias must be watered every day. On days when the temperature reaches above 26.7 degrees C, fuchsias should be watered twice. Fuchsias grow best in a well-drained, light soil. Fuchsias thrive when given a slow-release fertiliser each season. Partial shade with access to the first rays of sunlight is ideal for fuchsia growth.

Step One

Mix fertiliser into soil where the fuchsia seeds will be planted. Skip this step if you are using a commercial soil mixture.

Step Two

Place the fertilised soil into a flower pot. A standard 12-inch pot can comfortably hold as many as 12 fuchsia seeds. For each additional seed you want to plant, choose a pot 1 inch larger. Never plant fuchsia seeds in a container less than 8 inches tall by 8 inches wide, regardless of the number of seeds used.

Step Three

Wet the soil thoroughly by pouring water from a watering can over the top layer of soil until it can no longer be absorbed and water pours from the hole or holes in the bottom of the pot.

Step Four

Place fuchsia seeds on top of soil. Cover them with less than 1/4 inch of fresh, semidry soil. Do not pat the soil down or otherwise force the fuchsia seeds below the surface.

Step Five

Place the flower pot on its saucer in a well-lit area with minimum shade. Spray the surface of the soil occasionally with a light misting of water. Tiny green sprouts will appear after two to three weeks.

Step Six

Move the flower pot to an area that receives shade during afternoon hours. Morning and evening sunlight are most desirable for fuchsia plants.

Step Seven

Water your fuchsia plants daily, but do not thoroughly soak the soil. Add fertiliser or plant food weekly, following the label directions for application rates.


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