How to rotavate a lawn for the best results


How to rotavate a lawn for the best results


Traditional gardeners were very keen on digging over ground with a spade and this method can still be useful for small areas or where extra depth of cultivation is needed.

Modern rotavators though, are much quicker and are good for preparing ground ready for turfing or seeding.

Step One

This is ideally done in spring or autumn when the ground is softer.

Step Two

Depending on the final use of the area it is best to kill all weeds with a proprietary weedkiller first as they have a habit of re-appearing !!

Step Three

If you will be growing fruit or vegetables these should not be planted for a few weeks after weed killing.

Step Four

For the best results it is better to clear the ground of grass using a turf cutter otherwise the ground will be lumpy and difficult to rake – and the lumps of grass often take root again.

Step Five

Ensuring the ground is soft enough for the tines to dig in, rotavate the area planned (this may need to be done 2 or 3 times in different directions to break the soil up ready for planting). Be careful close to trees as the machine can “kick” if it hits a large root – I know from experience !

Step Six

If you a creating a vegetable or flower bed now is a good time to add some compost or manure and use the rotavator to mix it in with the soil.

Step Seven

If you a going to seed or turf the area very fine soil will be needed and the C10 rotavator with a harrow attachment is good for this. Small areas can be levelled with a landscaping rake. For a really flat lawn it is best to leave the area to weather for a week or two before seeding or turfing as it is surprising how many humps and hollows appear !


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