How to repair a garden patio umbrella


Patio umbrellas offer protection from heat as well as potential skin damage from the Sun. Creating shaded areas to enjoy time outside is the ultimate function of these umbrellas. In addition, they can complement the decor on a patio or deck that serves as additional living space outside the home. When a patio umbrella sustains a rip or tear from inclement weather or from simply becoming old and worn, it can be repaired, quite easily in most cases, and restored to its functional state.

Step One

Assess the damage to your patio umbrella to determine the best method for repairing it. Since most sturdy patio umbrellas are made of canvas, they may be fixed by sewing, gluing or patching the hole or tear.

Step Two

Glue lengthy tears with fabric glue. Apply the glue to both sides of the tear and fuse the two sides together with your fingers. Leave the canvas umbrella fabric laying on a flat surface and cover the glued area with something heavy, like a stack of books. Lay a sheet of wax paper over the repair before adding the books for weight. Once the glue is dry, you may stitch over the repair for extra reinforcement if needed.

Step Three

Stitch tears of just a few inches in length with a needle and thread. Double-threading the needle will add extra strength to your stitches. Be sure to knot the thread before cutting it from the needle once the stitching is complete.

Step Four

Purchase a patch kit for canvas if there is a large hole in the umbrella. Apply the patch to the area where the hole is and stitch or iron it in place per the instructions.


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