How to make your own pale ale


How to make your own pale ale


The following steps are a basic recipe for Pale Ale. You can add or remove certain steps to fit your taste.

Step One

Add mash to a large boiling pot and bring the water to 132 degrees. Use a cooking thermometer to track the temperature.

Step Two

Adjust mash pH to 5.3. Test the pH with a standard testing kit from a plant nursery. If the levels are too high, add 2 drops of vinegar to lower it. If the levels are too low, add a pinch of baking soda to bring up the levels slightly.

Step Three

Boost the temperature to 150 degrees.

Step Four

Leave the mash in for 2 hours between 146 and 152 degrees. Check the mash periodically, but refrain from stirring the mix.

Step Five

Remove mash from pot for 5 minutes and place it in a non-heated boiling pot. Mash and pot will be extremely hot. Use pot holders or gloves and wear protective goggles to protect against splashing.

Step Six

Pour the mash back into the pot and add 2 gallons of water at 165 degrees. Stir the mash so the water is thoroughly soaked.

Step Seven

Boil the brew for 90 minutes, adding the hops during the last hour of boiling. These hops can be stirred into the brew.

Step Eight

Add finishing hops during the last 5 minutes of boiling. These hops can also be stirred into the brew.

Step Nine

Allow mash to ferment at 70 degrees for approximately 10 days.


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