How to play croquet


How to play croquet


Whether you’re on the “cool” team or the “hot” team, croquet’s a great game. The following guidelines have been adapted from the official rules of the United States Croquet Association.

Step One

Divide players into two teams: a "cool" team that plays the blue and black balls, and a "hot" team that plays the red and yellow balls of a croquet set.

Step Two

Decide which team goes first. They will play the blue and black balls. Take turns in the order of the corresponding colors on the stake - blue first, yellow last.

Step Three

Place your ball 3 feet south of the first wicket, and try hit it through. If you succeed, you earn a bonus stroke. Otherwise, your turn is over.

Step Four

Take two bonus strokes if your ball comes to rest in contact with another player's ball during your turn. This is a "roquet."

Step Five

Use this first bonus stroke to hit your ball so that both your ball and your opponent's ball move. Use your second stroke to hit your own ball toward the proper wicket.

Step Six

Pass your ball through the wickets in the proper order: southwest 1, northwest 2, northeast 3, southeast 4, south-central 5, and north-central 6, followed by 2, 1, 4, 3, 6, and 5.

Step Seven

Remove your corresponding colored clip from the wicket when your ball passes through, and place it on the next one.

Step Eight

Become a rover once your ball has passed through all six wickets twice (in the proper order.) Take your rover ball out of play when it hits the final stake.

Step Nine

Roquet any other ball in play, but no more than once each a turn - unless your rover ball passes through a wicket (any wicket). Your rover, however, cannot roquet the same ball twice in succession, even if it passes through a wicket.

Step Ten

Win the game if your team is the first one to hit the final stake with both balls.


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