How to make your own garden croquet game


How to make your own garden croquet game


The perfect quintessentially English Summer game: croquet.

You might not have enough size for an official Tournament Croquet Lawn (32m x 25.6m) but you can use a 5 x 4 ratio to set out a court to suit your space constraints.

When selecting a place on your lawn to play it is best to aim to use a well mowed and relatively flat area with a good coverage of grass.

The better and more flat your lawn the better you will find the game, however if you are setting this up just for fun the odd dip in the lawn can add to the fun.

It is best, if at all possible, to leave a border of clear space around the court to allow players room to swing mallets at the edge of the court area.

Step One

Identify the area you will be using as you court. use the 5 to 4 ratio and try to make it a clear level grass area.

Step Two

Mark out the four corners of your playing court, if corner flags are included with in your set this can be used.

Step Three

Identify the centre of your court by running string across the court from top right hand corner to bottom left hand corner and the same from bottom right hand corner to top left hand corner

Step Four

Where the strings cross place the winning post (centre peg)

Step Five

Place the Red Topped Wicket or Hoop in line with the centre post (the centre of the hoop should line up with the winning post) but space half way from the court edge and the centre post.

Step Six

Place one of the white topped wickets or pegs in line with the centre post with the same spacing on the other side of the court you should be able to look through the Red Topped Hoop and see the winning post (in the centre) and through to the white topped hoop/ wicket on the opposite side .

Step Seven

Place the Blue topped wicket or hoop so that it is on the diagonal line from the corner to the centre peg / winning post and half way between the red topped hoop and the edge of the court in the South East corner of the court.

Step Eight

Place the remaining white topped hoop in the same way in the North West corner, North East corner and the South East corners.Your basic Garden Croquet court is now set up and ready for hours of fun.


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