How to make fire from sticks in the wild


How to make fire from sticks in the wild


Even though it looks easy in the movies, you need both knowledge and skill to start a fire with sticks. It’s a skill that’s sure to impress all of your friends. However, in a survival situation, your new skill will be even more rewarding.

Step One

Choose a thin stick. These sticks spin faster and make it easier to create the friction necessary to light a flame.

Step Two

Prepare your fire pit. You should have sticks and kindling in the area where you plan to start the fire. Small pieces of bark and dried grass make good kindling as well as wood powder that has fallen off the stick because of the friction applied. Good kindling equals a good fire.

Step Three

Place your friction stick in the fire pit. Your stick should sit on top of a piece of wood, and it should be surrounding by kindling. For best results, choose a local wood that is easy to burn. Your wood and kindling should also be completely dry to allow your flame to grow.

Step Four

Roll the friction stick between the palms of your hands. This allows the stick to spin on top of the wood underneath, creating friction and heating up the temperature where the two pieces of wood meet. Watch for smoke, and then you'll likely see a glow before you have a flame.

Step Five

Take turns with other members of your team. It's easy to tire out, but as a team, you can generate enough friction to start a fire with sticks.

Step Six

Tend to your flame once you have it. Take care to shield your small flame from wind and other hazards until you're sure the fire can withstand it.

Step Seven

Allow adequate time. Experts can start a fire with sticks very quickly--from twenty seconds up to two minutes. You might be tempted to give up, but keep pressing through to create more friction, and you will start a fire with sticks.


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