Tommy’s Tips: Let there be light! 2.0


If you want to jazz up the lighting to your kitchen or dining room with a simple trick, and one that won’t break the bank, why not replace the existing pendant or fluorescent fitting for a track fitting, which come in all shapes and sizes with anything from 2 to 8 lamps, varying from spot lights to mains lamps, and now, new low voltage LED lamps, that look great, and are also very economic on energy use (very green!).

Using a track, or multi lamp fitting, gives you the opportunity to highlight attractive features that you may want to stand out, from a fancy double oven, to the Rembrandt hanging over the fire place.  The advantage of using this type of fitting is to give the effect of a multi light fitted ceiling, like down lighters without all the work and expense!  These fittings come in many different finishes, so you should be able to match it to the existing hardware in the room without too much trouble!  Check out the position of the connecting block in your new fitting to enable you to position the fitting exactly where you want it! (Most track fittings connection block are located at the end of the fitting!)

Do any electrical alteration in daylight, preferably in the mornings at the weekend for example! Turn off the power, unscrew the ceiling rose, and disconnect the wires from the terminals with an electrical screwdriver (get a complete set of electrical screwdrivers from Poundland for £1) Remember the existing rose and replace with a junction box (a 5 amp JB). Put some faint pencil lines on the ceiling to mark the joist position, to enable the new light fitting to be screwed to them.  Connect the new fitting flex to the junction box, blue to blue, brown to brown, and yellow and green earth wire to the earth connection on the J.B.  Push any excess flex into the ceiling void and then tighten the fixing screws fully.  Turn the power back on and position the individual lamps to highlight where you wish, and that’s the job done! Oh, you may have to paint out the feint pencil lines!

The skill level required to tackle this task is quite low, however if you haven’t the confidence to tackle it yourself, call in an electrician, also, call in an electrician if you have fitted the new light track and it doesn’t work when switched on.

Tommy Tip:  Once the rose is exposed photograph the wiring on your mobile phone, so you have a reference point for the new fitting!  Always try to purchase good quality electrical fittings, and go for low voltage Led lamps, well worth the extra expense! Oh, and no standing on a chair to do this, use a proper set of steps whenever working indoors at height!


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