How to make your own professional Belly Dance Costume


How to make your own professional Belly Dance Costume


Belly dancing is known for its exotic and sexy appearance. Professional belly dancers spend years perfecting their talents and their craft for moving properly in their costumes. The key to a professional belly dance costume is to make it look as authentic as possible, which includes crafting a costume using sheer fabrics, dramatic makeup and accessories. Your belly dancer costume also needs to make noise when you sway your hips and hit each move.

Step One

Buy a gold or black bikini. Purchase 2 yards of silk.

Step Two

Cut two pieces of silk fabric 6 inches wide and 1 yard long. Hem all the way around the fabric 1/3 inch.

Step Three

Attach one 6-inch end to the top front edge of the bikini so it hangs down like a flowy skirt. Pin it in place and sew.

Step Four

Repeat Step 3 to attach the other 6-inch end of fabric to the backside of the bikini bottom. You should have a sheer skirt for your belly dancing costume that is open on two sides to show your legs.

Step Five

Hot glue gold sequins, trim, circles and coins around the waist and down the skirt. Attach colorful trim to the seam of the bikini top.

Step Six

Use a variety of jewelry to dress up the costume. Create an authentic belly dancer look by wearing arm bands, bracelets, rings and necklaces.

Step Seven

Purchase a scarf in a different color than your skirt. Be sure the scarf is big enough to tie around your waist. Hot glue more sequins around the scarf. Tie it around your waist while wearing the skirt. Alternately, you can wear the scarf around your head instead of on your hips.

Step Eight

Wear your hair down or pin it up with shiny hair clips.

Step Nine

Use thick black eyeliner to make a dramatic statement with your eyes. Attach fake eyelashes as well. Use the eyelash glue to place rhinestones in interesting patterns on your arms, belly and face.


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