How to plant flowers from the seeds


Growing flowers from seeds is a fun and economic way to transform your garden into a personal haven. No more wasted trips to the local gardening nursery only to discover they don’t carry the color or variety of flowers you planned for your garden. Starting your flowers from seeds offers the opportunity to grow plants that match exactly what you envision for your garden. So picture your ideal flower garden. Here’s how to turn that garden dream into reality.

Step One

Acquire flower seeds - Choose high-quality flower seeds from a reputable plant company. Seeds purchased from an established seed company will produce healthier flowers. Alternatively, join a flower seed-swapping group or collect seeds from your established flower garden. Be aware, however, that propagating from garden seeds may not result in a true flower clone.

Step Two

Prepare garden beds - After the garden beds are completely thawed, rake a smooth soil surface for your flower seeds. Remove rocks and clay clods from the soil and comb the garden bed into a fine-texture. Add compost and organic supplements to your flower beds and dig them in to a depth of 6 to 8 inches. To prevent weak seedlings, avoid adding nitrogen during flower bed preparation. Water the flower bed thoroughly and allow it to drain for at least 24 hours.

Step Three

Sow the flower seeds - For small, fine flower seeds, it's easiest to mix them with sand for even distribution over the garden bed surface. Press fine seeds gently into the soil with the back of your spade. For larger flower seeds, dig shallow trenches and hand place the seeds as deep and far apart from one another as is recommended for that particular flower. In both cases, make sure the covering soil is fine and porous enough for young seedlings to push through.

Step Four

Water the garden beds - Soak your flower seeds into the prepared soil completely. Your first watering should be done very carefully to avoid disturbing seed placement. A fine hand mister is the best choice to prevent seeds from clumping together or, worse, washing away. Water your flower seeds as often as is needed to keep the flower bed soil evenly moist but don't overwater. Standing water will rot your seeds. Once your seeds have sprouted, begin watering your flower sprouts with a fine hose spray.

Step Five

Enjoy the flowers in your garden - Congratulations. Your garden is full of flowers you have grown from seeds. With a bit of tending, nurture and nature's assistance your dream garden will become a reality. Take time to enjoy your garden and admire the glory. And don't forget to smell the flowers.


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