Where do I find Truck Stops in England for overnight parking?


Where do I find Truck Stops in England for overnight parking?


There are the several websites are listed about the Truck Stops in England, below. Just go through these websites. It may help you.

Step One

European Secure Parking Organisation (ESPORG) (http://www.esporg.eu/) -Database on the network of truck stops of the European organization ESPORG. The truck stops have different levels of security. You can use the relevant contact addresses given to obtain detailed information on the truck stops.

Step Two

International Road Transport Union (IRU) - (http://www.iru.org/) -To use the services offered here, you need to register. Registration is free of charge.The IRU provides its familiar list of truck stops in Europe, "Truck Parking Areas", in an online database under the name "TRANSpark". The findings of the EU project "LABEL" will also be incorporated in this database. Truck stop operators are able to create entries in the database themselves.

Step Three

The European Truck Parking Area LABEL Project - (http://truckparkinglabel.eu/) -Directory of 70 truck stops in Europe certified by the EU project "LABEL" (Creating a Label for (Secured) Truck Parking Areas along the Trans-European Road Network and Defining a Certification Process. Including Online Information Facility). Both the security facilities and the service facilities are certified. The results of the test conducted by the German Automobile Club ADAC according to the "Label" criteria were mixed.

Step Four

TRUCKinform - the European truck parking information portal - (http://www.truckinform.eu/) -Database containing more than 2800 truck stops in Europe. Some of these have security facilities. This database was based primarily on the IRU "Truck Parking Areas" directory as well as other sources. Truck stop operators are able to send data about their truck stop by e-mail.

Step Five

Freight Scotland - (http://freightscotland.org/home.aspx) -Web site containing information on truck stops in Scotland and simple notes on security facilities.

Step Six

Highways Agency - (http://www.highways.gov.uk/) -Database of truck stops in England that allows you to search specifically for monitored truck stops. It is also possible to view a directory of locations containing information on the services available in the form of a PDF file.

Step Seven

Professional Drivers Association - (http://www.pda-uk.org/) -Directory of truck stops in England, Scotland and Wales. Some of the truck stops are secure.


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