How to swap out a gas cylinder on a BBQ


How to swap out a gas cylinder on a BBQ


Changing out a propane tank on a barbecue or a backyard bug-repellent machine occurs regularly in homes across the U.S. Convenient and inexpensive, propane tanks are commonly used as a fuel container for cooking, backyard enjoyment and even outdoor heating during the winter. However, if not swapped out correctly, the mistakes can result in problems.

Step One

Pull the cover off your BBQ or garden appliance if one exists. Locate the propane tank and its connection hose to the appliance. Check that the flow valve on the top of the propane tank is completely in the "Off" position.

Step Two

Grab the black end of the connection hose on the valve of the propane tank. Twist the black securing clamp on the hose counter-clockwise until completely loose. Use a towel to grip the hose clamp if it is on tight and you can't get a good hold of it.

Step Three

Remove the hose line so that it is completely clear of the tank. Disconnect any securing locks or apparatus on the tank to keep it in place on the appliance. Place the freed tank in a vehicle and drive to a propane supplier (hardware store, gas station, grocery store, etc.). Check your yellow pages phone book for a supplier if you're not sure where one is located.

Step Four

Pay the fee for a replacement propane tank that is completely filled. Provide your old tank as a swap-out for the new tank. Drive home with the new tank and keep the windows partially open in your vehicle while driving. Do not leave the tank in the car exposed to heat or the sun through a window if not going directly home.

Step Five

Lift the filled tank out of the car carefully using both hands if possible when home (it will be heavy). Carry the tank over to your garden appliance and place it in its sitting location. Pull the appliance hose over to the tank and hand-twist the hose end clamp onto the propane tank valve. Turn the clamp until it is tight and won't twist farther.

Step Six

Turn the appliance on or in flow mode to allow the propane to flow through the appliance. Turn the on/off valve on the propane tank to the "On" position. Confirm that the appliance works properly. Turn the appliance off and turn the tank valve to the "Off" position. Save the fuel for future use when desired.


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