How to change the battery in a Mini RC Helicopter


How to change the battery in a Mini RC Helicopter


Mini RC helicopters use small, rechargeable batteries to provide power for their rotors. These batteries tend to last about 10 to 15 minutes with each charge, but after a few hundred charges the battery may begin to lose its ability to maintain a maximum level of energy, at which point it’s time for a battery change. Depending on the model, this can be as simple as opening the helicopter and unclipping the old battery or as difficult as cutting the battery leads and splicing the new battery into its place. Once the replacement is completed, you’ll be back to maximum flight times with every charge.

Step One

Locate the helicopter battery; it may be on the rear of the undercarriage and accessible directly, or beneath the screwed-on helicopter canopy.

Step Two

Flip your mini RC helicopter over so that the bottom of the helicopter faces upwards if the battery is located beneath the canopy.

Step Three

Locate all of the screws holding the canopy in place and remove each with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step Four

Flip the helicopter over, topside upwards. Push and secure buttons or latches holding the canopy in place, located on the sides of the canopy .

Step Five

Remove the canopy from the helicopter body to expose the battery and the connector wires. The wires will either terminate in a plug or will be directly connected to the helicopter's electronics system for helicopters that charge using a direct plug socket.

Step Six

Unplug the battery connector from the helicopter's power wire and remove the battery from the body of the helicopter. Plug the replacement battery to the power wire and set the battery onto the body of the helicopter in the same position as the old battery.

Step Seven

Cut the wires at the midway point if connected directly to the electronics system. Splice a replacement battery of the same voltage to the wires inside the helicopter and cover the wires with electrical tape.

Step Eight

Replace batteries accessible only from outside of the canopy by pulling the battery from its perch within the helicopter body and then replacing it as you would the internal battery.

Step Nine

Replace the helicopter canopy, securing it to the body with the screw at the canopy base. Turn on the helicopter and the transmitter to use the replacement battery as normal.


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