How keep weeds out of your garden vegetable patch


How keep weeds out of your garden vegetable patch


Weeds and unwanted grass are the bane of every gardener, especially when they begin to encroach on a treasured vegetable garden. While some gardeners prefer the tried-and-true method of hand pulling weeds, this can become tedious and tiring. Although there are many commercial products designed to kill weeds and grass, it usually is preferable to use organic methods when growing and using your own produce. Although some weed picking may still be required, there are many ways to control grass and weeds in a vegetable garden that are earth friendly and not quite so time consuming. With just a few natural products, weed control will become quite a bit more bearable of a task.

Step One

Vinegar and Orange Oil Weed Killer - Pour vinegar into a bucket.

Step Two

Add 1 oz. of orange oil and 1 oz. of liquid dish soap.

Step Three

Stir with spoon until well blended.

Step Four

Pour the solution into spray bottle and shake well.

Step Five

Spot spray weeds and unruly grass using soda bottle weed killer shield described in Section 2 below to prevent they spray from coming into contact with other plants.

Step Six

Soda Bottle Weed Killer Spray Sheild -Cut 2 inches off the bottom off of a soda bottle with scissors.

Step Seven

Turn the bottle upright and cut off the spout, leaving only enough room to spray the weed killer inside.

Step Eight

Place bottle upright over weeds.

Step Nine

Spray weed killer into the bottle, saturating the weed or clumps of grass.

Step Ten

Repeat this procedure until all weeds and grass have been sprayed.


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