What to do with used paper plates


What to do with used paper plates


Who would have thought that you could do so many things with paper plates? With this great guide of 21 Crafty Ways to Use Paper Plates, you’ll learn how to make storage boxes, kids games, instruments, decor, and more…all with paper plates!

Step One

Cut out the middle of the plate so you just have the outer rim. Use these as a ring toss game for summer outings! Kids can even decorate them if they want.

Step Two

Make your own Frisbee by gluing two plates together, front sides facing each other…so it looks like a space ship. Cut a small hole in the center of each plate so the Frisbee can fly!

Step Three

Use paper or foam plates to make stencils. Cut out the shapes you want and use them for your painting and coloring projects.Make fun masks for Halloween.

Step Four

Cut and fold sides of paper plate up to create a box. Secure your box by tying a ribbon around it. Fill it with berries, popcorn, or other yummy treats!Use paper plates to mix paint. Then just toss it when you’re done!

Step Five

Make a basket by folding paper plate in half and securing on both sides, leaving most of the middle arc open. Attach a handle and fill with candy or sweets for Easter.

Step Six

Make pretty sunflowers by cutting petals around the rim of the plate. Use the middle circle as the center of the flower and cut petals around the rim so the petals naturally curl in towards the flower. Paint them and hang them in the window.Make a soft ping pong set by gluing wooden sticks to the backs of 2 paper plates. These are your paddles. Use a balloon to toss back and forth.

Step Seven

Make a dream catcher by cutting out the middle circle of the paper plate and poking holes randomly in the remaining rim. Weave string through the holes and occasionally add beads to create a fun dream catcher.

Step Eight

Make flash cards by cutting paper plates in half. Write one word on one of the halves and its missing counterpart on the other. This is great for learning definitions, foreign languages, and more.

Step Nine

Make a sundial by writing the numbers 1-12 on the back of the paper plate, like a clock. Stick a straw in the middle of the plate and tell time the old fashioned way!

Step Ten

You can create an instrument by folding the paper plate in half. Secure it about 80 percent around with tape or glue and fill it with beans or rice through the remaining open slot. Secure the slot and shake! Decorate the outside with fun embellishments.


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