What to make with toilet paper rolls


What to make with toilet paper rolls


Toilet paper rolls don’t have to be discarded right away. You can recycle the cardboard tubes and use them to make things for kids, candles, storage holders and toys. You can use them on the dinner table or use them to keep the cats occupied. Instead of throwing the empty rolls away, see what to make with toilet paper rolls for the home and fun.

Step One

Kids Ideas - Make binoculars or a microphone for kids to play. Glue two tubes together and add a piece of string so the kids can hang the binoculars around their necks. For a microphone, you can use the tube or add some outside decorations. As the kids talk or sing into the tubes, it amplifies their voices.

Step Two

Fire Starters - Place newspaper or dried leaves inside of the toilet paper tubes. On the outside of the tube, wrap in newspaper and twist the ends to make a fire starting tube. Light one end before placing in the fire pit, fireplace or a grill to start a good fire.

Step Three

Storage - Make a storage container for craft items, rings or any other small items you want to keep in one place. Make a bottom for one end of the tube out of another tube. You can use cloth and rubber band for a top and bottom if you don't want to make a cardboard bottom and top.

Step Four

Napkin Rings - Make a napkin ring out of toilet paper tubes. You can use cloth and glue to make the tubes match your place mats or the color of a room. Cut the tubes in half and decorate. Place folded napkins inside the tube and place by the dinnerware. You can use glitter or some other craft material to make the napkin holder shine and sparkle on the table.

Step Five

Toy - Take a toilet paper roll, punch a hole in the top and tie a string through the hole. Use a small ball that will fit into the tube with a loop to tie it the other end of the string to make a game for the kids or adults that need something to do for relaxation. Use wrist action to get the ball into the tube.

Step Six

Catnip Toy - Sew some material to make a pouch for around the tube. Leave one end open so that you can place the wrap on the tube, put catnip inside and hand stitch the other end closed. Cats will spend hours trying to get the catnip out.


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