What can you make from a plastic lid?


What can you make from a plastic lid?


A lot of ideas, a lot of things can be made through a plastic lid. See below:

Step One

Plastic Bottle Cap DOLL: Some time ago we had made the plastic bottle cap snake, which turned out rather nicely :)And as today was not a good day for walks, we remembered our full bag of bottle caps. The hardest part is puncturing the caps with a nail (a good job for dads in this case) and it’s better to do this beforehand as it takes time. We prepared something like a ‘project’- what we want to achieve – and we started stringing the caps together.

Step Two

Kandinsky inspired art with plastic lids

Step Three

Plastic bottle bug observatory

Step Four

Plastic bottle bird feeder.

Step Five

Plastic bottle alligator.

Step Six

Plastic bottle hanging vases.


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