How to add a bolt to a gate/door


Deadbolt locks are installed to provide additional security for you and your family. The deadbolt needs to be installed in line with the door handle, but should remain at least six inches above or below the door handle. All the installation hardware is included with the deadbolt, as well as a template for you to place on the door. Using the template will greatly reduce the time involved with locating the deadbolt and locking mechanism.

Step One

Open the door. Measure from the floor 39 5/8ths of an inch from the floor and place a pencil mark. If the pencil mark is closer than 6 inches from the door knob, place another mark that is 6 inches from the door handle. The pencil mark will be the centerline of the deadbolt.

Step Two

Fold the template on the dotted line that represents the beveled edge of the door. Place the template on the door, at the height centerline you placed on the door in step 1.

Step Three

Use the pencil to mark the centerline of the deadbolt location on the front face of the door and the 1 inch hole for the locking mechanism to be located on the door's narrow front edge. Remove the template from the door. If the template that came with your deadbolt is self-adhering, you can leave it on the door.

Step Four

Drill a 1/8th pilot hole at the center marks for the dead bolt assembly and the locking mechanism. The pilot hole for the 2 1/8th in hole located on the face of the door needs to run completely through the door. Drill the 1/8th in hole on the narrow front edge of the door at least 2 1/2 inches deep.

Step Five

Insert the 2 1/8th inch spade bit into the drill. Place the spade bit on the pilot hole located on the front face of the door. Drill the hole roughly half-way through the door. Switch to the other face of the door and finish drilling the hole. You need to drill from both sides of the door to eliminate the veneer finish of the door from cracking. Look into the 2 1/8th inch hole and you will notice the 1/8th inch pilot hole that you drilled from the door's front edge. Insert the sharp tip of the nail into the pilot hole. Close the door and press hard on the nail. Remove the nail and open the door. Darken the nail depression located on the door frame with the pencil.

Step Six

Insert the 1 inch spade bit into the drill. Drill the 1 inch hole 2 1/2 inches into the narrow front edge of the door, or until you enter the 2 1/8th inch hole that you drill through the door in step 5. Return to the darkened nail depression. Drill another 1 inch hole at the nail depression in the door frame, which is at least 5/8ths of an inch deep.

Step Seven

Follow the instructions enclosed with the deadbolt to determine if you need to adjust the latch.The latch will need to be unscrewed and rotated to function properly. Secure the latch to the door with the enclosed screws, the drill, and the #2 Phillips screw tip. Attach the striker plate to the door frame in the same manner as the latch. Trace both the striker plate and the latch plate with the pencil. Remove the latch and striker plates and set them aside.

Step Eight

Create a recessed area (mortise) at each traced area. Make the mortise at 1/8th of an inch deep. Hold the wood chisel on the pencil line, with the beveled side of the chisel facing into the area that the plates were mounted. Hit the wood chisel with the hammer. Score the entire outline of both the striker and the latch plates. Within each scored area, create a score line every 1/4 of an inch to ease the removal of the wood from the mortise area. Place the wood chisel on a score mark inside of the mortise. Hold the beveled edge of the chisel down and strike the chisel with the hammer. Continue the process until all the wood is removed from the mortise.

Step Nine

Re-attach the latch to the door and the striker plate to the door frame with the Phillips screws, #2 Phillips screw tip, and drill.

Step Ten

Assemble the deadbolt per the manufactures instructions. Tighten the deadbolt to the door with the Phillips screwdriver.


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