How to fit a new bath


How to fit a new bath


A bath upgrades a bathroom and adds value to a home. There is more to the installation process than pulling out the old bath and putting in the new bath. Follow these steps to install a bath.

Step One

Make sure the floor is level and can support the weight. If the floor is uneven, you need to fix the area so that the bath sits level. Otherwise, you run into trouble with water not being able to drain properly and it may affect the ability of the jets to function. Your floor needs to be able to support 68 kg (150 lb) per 0.09 square metres (1 square foot). If it can't, you need to add support under the floor.

Step Two

Frame the area to support the bath. A bath needs to be supported along the full length of the bottom of the bath and along the rim. An access panel that is 45 cm by 45 cm (18 inches by 18 inches) helps you reach the pump or motor in the event of trouble and provides necessary ventilation. Plan enough room to inspect the bath through the access panel in case of problems.

Step Three

Set the bath into the framework. Use a level to ensure that the bath is level from front to back and side to side. If it isn't level, put shims under the bath until it becomes level. Secure the bath to the framework and along the plasterboard nailing flange.

Step Four

Connect the wiring and plumbing for the bath. The warranty on the bath may be voided if you don't properly connect it. The bath must be grounded correctly to prevent electrical shock. The terminal compartment box should have a diagram for proper wiring. You may want to hire licensed professionals to ensure these are done correctly.

Step Five

Clean the construction area to remove any debris or residue. Check that all connections and fittings are secured. Fill the bath so that the water level is above the jets and check for leaks. Turn on the jets and allow the bath to run for at least 15 minutes. Fix any problems you see before you close in the area.

Step Six

Use plasterboard to cover the framework. You can paint the plasterboard or apply tile. If you plan to use tile, find out if the floor can support the additional weight. You can use caulk around the edges of the bath to help prevent water leaks.


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