How to fit new mixer taps


How to fit new mixer taps


Kitchen mixer taps allow the hot and cold water to be blended to the desired temperature with the movement of a single handle. Many new homes are fitted with mixer taps, and some older homes have had them installed during remodelling. Measuring the distance between the holes of the sink to ensure a proper fit should precede the purchase of the new mixer tap. Once this has been accomplished, you can install the mixer with the proper tools and basic plumbing know-how.

Step One

Measure the distance from the centre of the two holes to the right and the left of the centre hole using a tape measure. Record the measurement with pencil and paper. Have this information with you when buying the new mixer tap.

Step Two

Roll a thin bead of plumber's putty in your hand and place it around the perimeter of the mixer tap seal where the tap and the seal will meet. The new seal is included with the tap along with other essential hardware.

Step Three

Place the seal onto the surface of the sink aligning the seal holes with the sink holes.Insert the mixer tap through the holes of the seal and press it firmly in place on top of the seal. Ensure the tap is aligned with the seal and seals well with the bead of plumber's putty.

Step Four

Install the mixer tap retaining nuts on each of the tap inlet pipes from beneath the sink. Tighten the nuts clockwise by hand until snug.

Step Five

Check the positioning of the mixer tap for symmetry and ensure a proper fit exists between the tap and the seal. Once the check is complete to satisfaction, tighten the retaining nuts using a basin spanner.

Step Six

Wrap a layer of pipe sealing tape clockwise around each of the two water inlet pipes of the mixer tap.

Step Seven

Connect the hot and cold water supply pipe lines to their respective inlet pipes on the mixer tap. Tighten the pipe fittings clockwise using an adjustable spanner.

Step Eight

Raise the handle of the new kitchen mixer tap to the fully open position and centre the handle to allow an equal flow of hot and cold water when pressure is restored.

Step Nine

Remove the aerator from the tap spout by turning it counterclockwise by hand.

Step Ten

Restore water pressure to the kitchen sink and allow it to flow freely to purge air and any sediment from the supply lines. Run the water for approximately 15 seconds.Turn the mixer tap off and replace the aerator.


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