How to fix buzzing speakers


How to fix buzzing speakers


Buzzing speakers can be the result of several issues. Audio systems deliver power to speakers and transmit that power into sound waves. These waves cause the speaker membrane to vibrate and produce sound. There are several ways to repair this membrane should it tear. Use the steps provided here to troubleshoot and fix a buzzing speaker.

Step One

Use a screwdriver to remove the the speaker cover grill. Pull off the grill cover if attached with clips.

Step Two

Expose the speaker membrane on each cone. Speaker membrane is the thin, paper-like substance surrounding the center cone magnet or driver.

Step Three

Wipe away any dust or debris that has accumulated on the speaker membrane with a small brush or damp cloth. Do not use excessive pressure for this procedure.

Step Four

Locate the area on the speaker membrane that is buzzing when sound passes through the speaker. Look for a small pinhole, rip or tear. Holes that form at the edges of membranes will cause the loudest buzz, and the speaker membrane will fail more quickly.

Step Five

Disconnect power to the speaker system after finding the defect.

Step Six

Apply a small amount of rubber cement evenly to the tear using a small brush. Use a toothpick if the hole is very small and dab a small amount over the defect. Ensure the entire defect is covered and allow the material to dry completely.

Step Seven

Reapply power to the speaker system and gradually increase the volume to the speaker.

Step Eight

Inspect the affected area and reapply cement where needed. Replace grill or speaker covers.


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